Guide Your Kids in Embracing Daily Commitments

Mar 1, 2024 | Brain Training, Internal Medicine, Uncategorized

Encourage your children to adopt daily pledges:

  1. I pledge to cultivate new friendships.
  2. I commit to self-care.
  3. I will engage in more physical activity.
  4. I vow to find joy in laughter.
  5. I promise to sing more. Singing serves as a form of self-healing, dispelling negative emotions. Overweight children often bear a heavy emotional burden.

Empower them to set goals, fostering greater accomplishments in life.

Instill gratitude in your children. Remind them of their blessings: “Mom and Dad are healthy, we have a comfortable home, and I am in good health. I am content.” Encourage them not to dwell solely on the negatives in their lives or surroundings.

Teach them optimism, fostering a hopeful outlook. Their optimism radiates positive energy.