We have long forgotten what the word solidarity means.

May 8, 2021 | Uncategorized

We have long forgotten what the word solidarity means. And now we need it and we don’t know how to find it. The last time we experienced it in our country in the full meaning of the word was during the war of ’74. In wars and in pandemics such as the one we have today, solidarity must exist, otherwise it is like a sinking ship that will take us all with it. We have gone through forty-two waves in the last year and yet many of us have not yet learned anything. We all began by being unimaginably frightened and stressed by the few incidents we had at the beginning. And I’m not saying it wasn’t right. It was the most correct and appropriate response to what we were faced with. We got through it and calmed down a little bit over the summer and here we are again with the pandemic on the rampage. Countless lives were lost around the globe, we all went through anxiety for one of our own or some even for their own lives. Some others were left crippled and while for the rest of us this may at some point, perhaps be a mere memory, for these particular ones it will haunt them for life. We started with almost no one wanting the mRNA vaccine and now everyone is running for it. We have all become knowledgeable and can have an opinion on it although I doubt if you ask anyone they can tell you exactly the mechanism. After a year of a pandemic still everyone is only looking out for themselves. If I want the best vaccine (my right of course) I am depriving my child who while for me can pass it on without a trace of complications from my child but not me. Let me make it clear that under ideal circumstances (which we don’t have) and an abundance of vaccines no problem we always pick the best for everyone. Maybe if we go a step further we can afford to choose while in India (where they produce some already) it wouldn’t even cross our minds. If we look at it a bit more globally I think in other countries somewhat more progressive than us, who are a bit narrow minded , (America, Canada) they don’t even discuss it. And while all this has been going on for over a year around us, still, really still, there are some people who say it’s just a flu. There are still people trying to convince us that vaccination will do everything else to us except protect us when after all this time there is no medicine at least as an alternative. I would urge my patients to do their homework and make their decisions silently and without drumbeat as well as allowing those around them to do the same. Let each person keep their beliefs to themselves unless they are scientifically involved in the subject and their opinion is sought. Solidarity and respect are the key words for this pandemic. Solidarity for those who have lost jobs, income, people, quality of life, health. Respect for all those who have been touched in any way by this pandemic (I’m not throwing out that it’s just the flu) as well as the choice of those who want to get vaccinated to get out of this madness at some point.