Recognizing the risk: Fatty liver, diagnosis and treatment

Apr 7, 2024 | Nutrition, Uncategorized

Many times a large liver can be palpated by the doctor during the examination of the patient. However, the diagnosis can be made mainly with ultrasound and with blood analyses (liver enzymes, etc.).

We have increased γGT in the first stage of fatty liver, then GPT and GOT increase, which is a sign of inflammation in the liver. Rarely fatty liver can lead to cirrhosis as there is also an increased risk of liver cancer.

Your doctor can calculate the so-called fatty liver index (FLI) and in combination with an enlarged liver on ultrasound, the diagnosis is made. In some rare cases, a liver biopsy may be necessary.

Fat deposition in the liver is reversible, so changing the patient’s eating habits can work wonders. A healthy diet low in carbohydrates and abstinence from alcohol is an important factor in treatment. In obese patients, reducing calorie intake is also necessary.

Food pyramid for fatty liver

Sweets, white flour, potatoes, pasta, sugar

Whole grain products, pasta, and rice

Meat, fish, dairy, legumes, nuts

Vegetables, salads, fruits, olive oil