A new era starting for people with diabetes

Oct 11, 2020 | Uncategorized

A large percentage of type 2 diabetics are known to be overweight or even obese. By managing to reduce their body weight they will definitely have a better regulation of their blood sugar and at the same time a reduction of their cardiovascular risk. Until a few years ago most drugs for the treatment of diabetes always resulted in an increase in body weight. In recent years, however, drugs such as DDP4 inhibitors have emerged that manage not to alter weight. Even better is the fact that we now have drugs that significantly reduce body weight such as GLP1 analogues and inhibitors of sodium-glucose transporters SGLT2. A diabetic now has the ability to regulate his blood sugar and lose weight without the fear of hypoglycemia. GLP1 injections, in addition to their anti-diabetic action, act on the digestive system by slowing the emptying of the stomach and reducing appetite. Thus they achieve a reduction in weight of 5%. SGLT2 inhibitors through the elimination of glucose from the body also cause the elimination of calories with a reduction in weight of up to 4 kg. If we use metformin, a drug from the past, we also achieve a small weight loss of less than 5%. Taken together, these treatments can result in a weight loss of up to 10%. The obese now diabetic has every reason to look to the future with great optimism.