Palaces of Memory

Feb 25, 2024 | Brain Training

As a doctor, my patients often ask me what vitamins and drugs they can take to improve their memory. And my answer is always that there are no such drugs. Vitamins in pills offer nothing to our organism, especially in memory, except for some vitamins that we will detect in blood tests when there is a deficiency. A balanced diet leaves almost no deficiencies in any vitamin. The way vitamins are incorporated into our food is equally important, making them irreplaceable. Vitamin manufacturing companies do very good marketing on the subject of vitamins because they are very cheap to produce and expensive to sell. In the case of memory, the only thing that works is exercising the mind. The brain and especially memory resemble a muscle that will weaken if not exercised. So, you need to work on your memory to improve it or at least prevent it from worsening over the years.

Proven methods of memory exercise include special exercises that you can find online or in books, learning a new language, or playing a musical instrument. A very nice method that we also use in our clinic to help our patients who desire it, and we can recommend to you, is the “Palaces of Memory”. It has its roots in ancient Greece, specifically with the ancient Simonides, when he was called upon to identify the bodies of a room that collapsed shortly after his departure. Simonides managed to remember their names by recalling the position of each guest. The “Palaces of Memory” method is based on these principles. With the methods mentioned above, you can sharpen your memory and not with drugs. If you need our help, we would be delighted to offer it to you in learning the method.